IC2PerMed’s article ““Integrating China in the International Consortium for Personalized Medicine”: The Coordination and Support Action to Foster Collaboration in Personalized Medicine Development between Europe and China” has been published in Public Health Genomics.

China and the European Union are aiming towards the cooperation on innovation and promotion of a mutually beneficial, open, and equal science. They both have set Personalised Medicine at the top of their research agenda supporting projects across the entire value chain, from research to service delivery.

To impact the EU’s and China’s strategic policy levels and include China into the International Consortium for Personalised Medicine, IC2PerMed bases its functioning on an active engagement of PM experts, policy makers, healthcare beneficiaries, patients, and societal stakeholders. Its ultimate goal is to impact population health, building a system that maximises the empowerment and engagement of citizens from before they become patients, and identifying strategies that, faithful to the guiding principles of universal coverage, improve accessibility to quality services, affordability, and protect populations from financial hardship, turning PM into an opportunity for all.

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