Personalised Medicine in the People’s Republic of China is principally developed through the Five-Year Plans, that include strategies for many key development areas at the national level. These plans serve as important guidelines for the national economy, setting goals and directions for the vision of national economic development.

The Chinese government has used the 13th 5-Year Plan (2016-2020) to advocated the establishment of a multi-level precision medical knowledge base system and a national biomedical big data sharing platform, with a focus on the core technologies of precision medicine (such as next-generation gene sequencing, “-omics” research and big data fusion analysis). It has formed several new biotechnology enterprises with strong international competitiveness and bio-economic clusters with the goal to promote the development of new medical treatments relying on the concepts of Precision Medicine in healthcare.

In the period of 2018-2020, the MoST (Ministry of Science and Technology, one of the principal funders for research and innovation in the People’s Republic of China) allocated 130 million yuan (around 16.4 million euro) to support the national key special project of personalised medicine research that were part of its “Precision Medicine National Key R&D Programme”.

From 2021-2030, based on the established “China Precision Medicine research system”, Personalised Medicine approaches are meant to expand to other important fields of disease.

The recently released 14th 5-Year Plan is built around three main pillars applicable for the domestic market. The first pillar focusses on transforming the consumer market for a digital economy, which, applied to the health sector, will influence different priorities, from innovative drugs and diseases monitoring to a stable public health system, encouraging personalised medicine.

The international part of the 14th 5-Year Plan aim to reposition China into the global multilateral framework. Therefore, new cooperation agreements are needed and expected in strategic fields, such as health.

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