IC2PerMed project core aim is to support ICPerMed consortium developments. Thus, please find below two interesting news from ICPerMed secretariat.

ICPerMed announced the winners of the of the ICPerMed “Best Practice in Personalised Medicine” Recognition 2020.

The following awardees have been chosen:

  • A pathology-supported genetic testing platform for application of breast cancer pharmacogenetics at the point of care (POC) using an integrated service and research approach
    PI Maritha Kotze (Department of Pathology, Stellenbosch University and National Health Laboratory Service -NHLS- Tygerberg Hospital -South Africa) ; Dr van der Merwe (Department of Pathology, Stellenbosch University -South Africa); Prof Rajiv Erasmus (Stellenbosch University -South Africa); Dr Armand Peeters (Pathology Research Facility (PRF) at Stellenbosch University’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences-South Africa.
  • The Personalised Medicine Coalition: Developing Strategies for the Integration of Personalised Medicine in Health Care Practice
    PI Daryl Pritchard (Senior Vice President of Science Policy at PMC, USA), The Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC), representing a collaboration of more than 230 organizations
  • A combined ANXA2-NDRG1-STAT1 gene signature predicts response to chemoradiotherapy in cervical cancer
    PI Daniela Gallo (Sacro Cuore Cattolica University, Rome, Italy); M. Buttarelli; G. Babini; G. Raspaglio; F. Filipetti; A. Battaglia; A. Ciucci; G. Ferrandina; M. Petrillo; C. Marino; M. Mancuso; A. Saran; M. E. Villani; A. Desiderio; C. D’Ambrosio; A. Scaloni; G. Scambia
  • International Tinnitus Research – Novel approaches in Personalised Medicine Research, Teaching and Treatment
    PI Winfried Schlee (University Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany)

Find out more about the authors selected and their next endeavours at:  https://www.icpermed.eu/en/ICPerMed-Recognition-2020-winners-chosen.php

ERA PerMed July 2020 newsletter is out…

… and available here: http://www.erapermed.eu/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/NEWSLETTER-4.pdf

ERA PerMed (2017-2022) is a ERA-Net Cofund Action on Personalised Medicine (PM), supported by 32 partners from 23 countries and cofunded by the European Commission. It aims to align national and regional research strategies and funding activities, promoting excellence, reinforcing the competitiveness of European players in PM, and enhancing the collaboration with non-EU countries.

ERA PerMed is notably part of ICPerMed ecosystem. For more info on ERA PerMed approach and funding opportunities, check: http://www.erapermed.eu/