Welcome to IC2PerMed survey

You are invited to participate in a survey, elaborated within the IC2PerMed project, which aims to explore the current landscape of implementation, priorities, and challenges of Personalised Medicine in China and Europe, with a focus on Sino-European collaboration in this field.

The results of this survey will complement the ongoing mapping activities within IC2PerMed project, of which the preliminary findings can be consulted here. These results will be useful to have an overview of the past, current and future policy, research, and funding in Personalized Medicine in your country and will serve the basis for the Working Groups (WG) of the IC2PerMed project. The WGs’ activities will take advantage of the results of this survey, to support the project in developing recommendations for implementing the ICPerMed’s Action plan into China (https://www.ic2permed.eu/working-groups/).

The records from this questionnaire will be kept confidential and your data and responses will be anonymized and processed for the purpose of IC2PerMed project development only, in agreement with the project’s privacy policy (available at: https://www.ic2permed.eu/gdpr). Your data will be treated in accordance with GDPR regulation. If you wish to not disclose your personal data, you can fill in the questionnaire anonymously.

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