IC2PerMed key activity consist in developing appropriate approaches for Chinese and EU cooperation over Personalised Medicine research and innovation under the umbrella set by ICPerMed initiative.

3 Working groups (WG), constituted of experts balanced between EU and Chinese stakeholders and genders, support IC2PerMed consortium on following activities :

Working Group 1 – Shaping sustainable healthcare

  • Awareness and empowerment
  • Education and curricula
  • Personalised Medicine in sustainable healthcare

Working Group 2 – Innovation and market

  • Big data and ICT solutions
  • Bringing innovation to market

Working Group 3 – Research and clinical studies in Personalised Medicine

  • Translating basic clinical research and beyond
  • Research Funding
  • Set a consistent conceptual framework for PM-related developments, by analysing potentials and challenges for EU-China collaboration in the fields and the needs for policy, programmes and actions to improve such conditions for upcoming collaborations
  • Identify research and innovation collaboration opportunities and potential projects supporting the setup of a sustainable, equitable PM developments
  • Contribute to the barriers and opportunities reports, to develop common views on the priorities and EU-China collaboration will provide improved competitiveness, performance and reinforced rights to patients
  • Propose new schemes for developing and co-developing strategic initiatives and actions that will foster the uptake of ICPerMed Actions by Chinese funding agencies
  • Help in linking EU and Chinese networks for mobilising the relevant stakeholders upon given topics
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