We are happy to announce that our “Scoping Paper: Review on health research and innovation priorities in Europe and China” is now available online for download!

This paper maps and delivers a comprehensive view on the wide spectrum of policies and programmes in the field of Personalised Medicine in both regions, determining the state of play and setting the basis for collaboration between Europe and China on a broad level.

These analyses allowed us to confirm that Personalised Medicine is already on the highest political agenda both in the European Union as well as in the People’s Republic of China with a strong increase in policy measures in recent years. However, we now recommend a special focus the harmonisation and standardisation of cross-border data sharing and transfers processes and the expansion of eHealth/telemedicine capabilities to facilitate exchanges, collaboration and innovation.

In fact, there is an urgent need for international cooperation in the development and promotion of Personalised Medicine in our globalised world. Further Sino-European collaboration will improve the learning from each other and bring forward bilateral approaches to standardisation, the expansion of technical and scientific capabilities and eventually concerted actions regarding important policy measures and detailed regulations in Personalised Medicine.

Click here to access to the report.